TeamMate Works

The TeamMate Connector is a unique add-on to Microsoft Office 365 which allows you to integrate any existing PBX Phone System into Microsoft Teams. It activates the Calls features/app in Microsoft Teams as a softphone so that the Teams user can make/receive calls without changing his/her phone system. Keep everything as it is but add Microsoft Teams as your softphone.

Set up your TeamMate Partner portal with your Branding settings and invite your 1st business customer to connect their existing PBX to their Microsoft Office 365 tenant.  Here is information on required Microsoft licenses.

Set up the Direct Routing link and add users by Teams and PBX credentials into TeamMate. Watch TeamMate automate the rest. Add in the optional Teams Application for advanced functionality.

In short, where-ever you use Teams you will have your PBX Phone System – mobile, PC, Mac. Add Microsoft Teams as a primary or secondary softphone.  Call control remains on the PBX. The Microsoft Teams Calls application becomes your softphone.

TeamMate Architecture

Teammate Architecture



100% Microsoft Azure based. All components of the TeamMate Connector run in Azure Cloud in 4 geographic regions.

Microsoft Partner. TeamMate is a Microsoft ISV (independent
software vendor) Partner.

Automated Setup. From Direct Routing through User provisioning and custom Teams Application creation, TeamMate has automated the process.

Custom Microsoft Teams Application. Your branding, your portal, your PBX notifications built into Microsoft Teams.

Branding for Resale/Master Resale. All components of branding including Teams Application are controlled by each Reseller.

Extensive PBX Testing. Over 80 PBX types and variants tested.

API. Programmatic interface for authentication and all facets of provisioning available in the TeamMate portal.

SIP Trunk and PBX support. Register users to PBXes or register SIP Trunks to SBCs, PBXes, Proxies, etc. Managed from the same interface.

Data Security. All passwords stored in TeamMate are hashed for protection.

Microsoft Enterprise Security. Minimal Microsoft Permissions are granted for integration. No Microsoft passwords or tokens are read or held.



PBX Phone Systems

The TeamMate Connector uses SIP to register to an existing PBX and supports variants from every system we have tested including the systems shown here. Challenge us with a new system so we don’t lose our SIP chops!