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Use native Microsoft Teams buttons and tools to make calls
and send text messages using your existing PBX, SIP Trunk, and SMS infrastructure



TeamMate Works

TeamMate combines up-to-the-moment integration to the Microsoft Graph API, automated scripting of Microsoft PowerShell and marries it to the TeamMate Connector – a purpose built interoperation layer that allows us to normalize communication with any SIP PBX, SIP Trunk or SMS gateway. We are able to navigate Microsoft future-changes with full confidence while providing a stable management interface and management API for setup and resale today.

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Remote work is here to stay and Microsoft Teams is the platform of choice for so many businesses. TeamMate’s Connectors for PBX, SIP Trunk, and SMS provides the automation tools to integrate communications inside of Microsoft Teams and add the management tools to support white label branding, multi-layer resale, and API control.

TeamMate lets the Service Provider build a customized and branded Teams PBX Application for each business/enterprise customer to integrate PBX portals, PBX notifications, PBX soft keys directly into Teams.  This is a very specific reason many operators have chosen TeamMate.

Our Partners



TeamMate launched the PBX Connector in 2020, the Trunk Connector in 2021, and the SMS Connector (beta) in 2022.  We currently work with scores of service provider partners and 100s of MSPs and Reseller in 30 countries.  Please watch this video that goes into detail on one such successful partnership.  Here are a few partners that you can contact directly: