TeamMate PBX Connector

The TeamMate PBX Connector let’s businesses use Microsoft Teams as a softphone on their existing PBX.  It allows service providers to build (and brand) a Teams PBX Application with PBX Notifications, PBX Softkeys, and your PBX User Portal in Microsoft Teams.  Your existing PBX in a new place.

TeamMate Trunk Connector

The TeamMate Trunk Connector lets businesses use Microsoft Teams as a softphone on a new or existing SIP Trunk.  It automates the process of building Direct Routing, creating/managing Trunk Profiles, and activation of Users and their DIDs in Microsoft Teams.  Automated Direct Routing with some bells and whistles.  It is much easier and more affordable than doing it manually.

TeamMate SMS Connector

The TeamMate SMS Connector lets businesses send and receive text messages in Microsoft Teams.  It is natively built into Teams using messaging and connector APIs to the Microsoft Graph API.  Service providers create a branded Teams Application that provides the Teams User intuitive tools for using their business SMS.  Beta release is scheduled for June 13, 2021.  Please leave a contact below and specify your interest in SMS to be notified when Teammate Connector SMS is generally available.

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TeamMate is available through an international network of Managed Service Providers, PBX Service Providers, Voice Resellers, IT Services Providers and Technology Distributors.