TeamMate let’s you turn Microsoft Teams from a threat into an opportunity.

TeamMate has built a unique product in the market and we bring a unique approach to integration. We believe that Microsoft Teams is a great Team Collaboration platform with rich tools for integration which is quickly becoming the preferred workplace for many businesses. It makes sense to smoothly integrate the existing phone system into that workplace. Whether it is a PBX or a SIP Trunk we let Service Providers quickly add their own softphone and Teams Application into Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft introduced Direct Routing and the Graph API – opening the door to work with every Service Provider, Reseller, MSP, and Distributor in the world. TeamMate has built the most advanced way to integrate natively with Microsoft Teams. If you think you need a strategy to coexist with Microsoft Teams you have a variety of options which you should consider. TeamMate is your partner along the paths that require deeper native Microsoft integration.

TeamMate Technology understands the unique technology challenges required to integrate your existing communications tools into Microsoft Teams.  We are dedicated to building integration tools that continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in Microsoft Teams with existing PBX and Trunk systems. 

Microsoft Teams is accelerating its disruption of business calling, UCaaS, Conference Calling, PBX, and SIP Trunking.  In total an $54.8B (USD) market.  It is confusing to consider because Teams is, first and foremost, a Team Collaboration platform but its strength is that it provides many services together – unlike Zoom, Slack or the other competitors.  Service Providers who sell IT or PBX or SIP Trunks all need a strategy for how they will manage the flood of businesses asking for Microsoft Teams integration.  This is your Microsoft Teams Strategy.


What is Your
Microsoft Teams Strategy

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Why Partner with


Microsoft Teams integration is, ultimately, a feature that improves your PBX or Microsoft Office 365 service.  You need a partner that you reply on for technology and domain expertise.  Here are several reasons why TeamMate Technology is the right partner:

  • A full White Label solution.  You set up and manage all branding components.
  • A deep Knowledge Base of solutions to common and uncommon problems.
  • Hundreds of Service Providers and Resellers using TeamMate today for the integration.
  • Extensive functionality and branding in Microsoft Teams – unique in the market.
  • REST API to access all authentication and provisioning functionality.
  • TeamMate institutional expertise in SIP, Microsoft Graph API, and PowerShell.
  • We support PBX integration, SIP Trunk integration and (Q1 2021) SMS integration.
  • Using TeamMate it is easy to add Microsoft Teams as a softphone.  You should have this arrow in your quiver!