If you would like to let business, enterprise, and government Microsoft Teams users begin using their current PBX Phone System or SIP Trunk natively in Microsoft Teams sign up for the Free Trial on this page. We are a Microsoft ISV Partner. You will receive an invitation via email to set up the TeamMate Connector.

Here is some preparation to build your PBX or SIP Trunk softphone in Microsoft Teams:

  • Make sure you have the right licenses  Click on the thumbnail below.

Our Partners


PBX Phone System

The TeamMate Connector uses SIP to register to an existing PBX and supports variants from every system we have tested including the systems shown here on the site. Challenge us with a new system so we don’t lose our SIP chops!

Our Partners

Why Partner with


Microsoft Teams integration is, ultimately, a feature that improves your PBX or Microsoft Office 365 service. You need a partner that you can rely on for technology and domain expertise. Here are several reasons why TeamMate Technology is the right partner:

  • A full White Label solution.  You set up and manage all branding components.
  • A deep Knowledge Base of solutions to common and uncommon problems.
  • Hundreds of Service Providers and Resellers using TeamMate today for the integration.
  • Extensive functionality and branding in Microsoft Teams – unique in the market.
  • REST API to access all authentication and provisioning functionality.
  • TeamMate institutional expertise in SIP, Microsoft Graph API, and PowerShell.
  • We support PBX integration, SIP Trunk integration, and SMS integration to Microsoft Teams.
  • Using TeamMate it is easy to add Microsoft Teams as a softphone.  You should have this arrow in your quiver!